Press escape when booting to go to the boot manager.

  1. boot alt to boot the CD-ROM
  2. loadfile (use -t to get a list of files):
    • pvcreate is the real file for vg*
    • vgscan finds logical volumes
    • vgimport imports logical volumes
    • vgchange activates logical volumes
    • fsck
  3. /sbin/fs/hfs/mount the whole line is necessary!?
  4. vgscan -a -v this lists the available logical volumes
  5. mkdir /dev/vg01
  6. vgimport vg01 /dev/dsk/c0t5d0
  7. vgchange -a y vg01
  8. cd to /sbin/fs/hfs and run ./fsck on each volume group
  9. ./mount file systems