I (Alan Brenner) have a few different things here, or linked to from here, I suppose. Various files from my college and early work time, including my Master's thesis Cartographic Symbolization and Design: ARC/INFO Methods, are in the Geographic Information Systems and Thesis pages. I’ve put my on-line résumé in a folder using a more printer friendly layout.

I've collected a few bits from various places that I've found useful, but I haven't done a good job keeping track of where they came from. The pages on ANSI codes, an ASCII table and AT modem commands aren't mine. At one point I wrote down a few things on recovery in HP-UX Recovery (probably 10.20) that I've added here too. The IBM Carolina page is for a mirror (possibly out of date) for Linux on an old PowerPC 604 system that I used to own. Those systems could also run AIX 4.1, Windows NT 4 (I did, once), and NetBSD.

One of the things I've done recently has been writing an HTTP/S proxy that can tunnel some traffic via SSH. See my SourceForge page for sshproxy. Another work project has been reworking swatch. You may find my version useful, if you do system administration and need a near real time (as in a second or two) log monitor. More recently, I’ve worked on Shibbolizing Plone. See the software link at my work’s web site or the local copy here.

I've done this site with RapidWeaver, and the Shadow Colors theme, with link checking by Integrity. At one point, I had done the site with TiddlyWiki. I've worked on documenting my TiddlyWiki color scheme, for others who want to change theirs. In the TiddlyWiki version, the tables in this site (and I assume every other TiddlyWiki site) that have colspan or rowspan did not display correctly in Safari or OmniWeb. Tables rendered correctly in Firefox. Feel free to send feedback to Apple.